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COVID-19 Safety

As we continue to support our students' growth and learning, we have made some adjustments which will remain in effect until further notice.

Homeschool Courses Safety

All safety guidelines and instructions will be sent to families in more detail before classes begin. Homeschool courses are offered in person or via Zoom. For those attending in person, we adhere to current safety guidelines as those are updated for North Carolina & our region within the state. Safety protocols entail wearing masks, socially-distanced seating, hand washing/sanitizing, disinfecting surfaces, extra ventilation, & self-disclosure of any exposure to COVID-infected people.

Tutoring, Test Prep, and Coaching

Amy Ruff’s tutoring is primarily via Zoom; however, some students (who are Zoomed out ☹) prefer to meet in person with Amy which entails the practice of safety protocols as described in the Homeschool Courses Safety section above.

Miriam is meeting with students over video call until further notice. She uses a drawing tablet and collaborative digital whiteboard to best approximate in-person one-on-one tutoring and test prep.

COVID-19 SAFETY: Services
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