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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials


 Mrs. Ruff’s English classes prepared me exceptionally well for the writing demands of Harvard. Specifically, I found my ability to structure a paper to far exceed that of my peers. Now, as a senior, I am known among my peers as an excellent editor…. The benefits of Mrs. Ruff’s courses have extended beyond English classes. All courses at Harvard require the ability to think clearly and formulate a sound argument. I attribute my success at Harvard, in large part, to Mrs. Ruff’s development of my critical-thinking skills.

Kendrick V., Harvard 2017 (Economics & Computer Science)


I took two of Mrs. Ruff's literature classes in high school and loved every second of each. She nurtured my love of literature and writing by engaging everyone in the class, including those not as naturally inclined toward the subject, in lively discussions about each book or author we studied. Debates got heated in a friendly way, and Mrs. Ruff wasn't afraid to let the conversation digress into more contemporary and relevant subjects, like Star Wars or Harry Potter, if it tied back into the theme of the day. Mrs. Ruff's classes helped set me up to succeed as a full-time writer for four years as a newspaper reporter, and now as a freelance content marketer. I couldn't recommend her classes more! 

Olivia B., UNC-CH School of Journalism 2012


It’s a little difficult to know where to start. Mrs. Ruff’s role in my life has moved from teacher to advisor to what might well be described as a sort of life coach. From teaching my first middle-school composition class to writing my teacher-recommendation letter for Duke University, Mrs. Ruff has been an excellent teacher and supporting figure, but has also been a family friend and academic mentor on everything from SAT/ACT prep to college-application essays. I had the undesirable experience in high school of dealing with not one but two concussions—which Mrs. Ruff handled with much flexibility. I have taken Spanish I-IV, Middle School Composition, Western Literature, and British literature with Mrs. Ruff. I have nothing but good things to say about her dynamic teaching style and comprehensive knowledge of her subject matter. One detail that I regard as unique in Mrs. Ruff is her ability as a fair grader; one can be confident of a low grade if a shoddy product is submitted, but also expect understanding and flexibility in the case of disability or inexperience. Mrs. Ruff meets students where they are, allowing everyone to grow and develop maximum personal potential.

As well, Mrs. Ruff won’t let more talented students stagnate or hand in material that demonstrates insufficient effort or work.

My family and I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Ruff. We are incredibly thankful for all the things she and her family have done for us and look forward to many more years of knowing the Ruffs.

Jeffrey W., Duke Engineering 2019

Miriam is an amazing tutor! Miriam is always punctual and professional. Our son attends a gifted and talented middle school with an overwhelming amount of homework and difficult curriculum. Miriam communicates with our son’s teachers and supervises all of his assignments. She has been incredibly patient and organized. There is no doubt that she has bolstered our son’s confidence and assisted him with a greater skill set to better navigate through a challenging 7th grade. We would highly recommend Miriam, especially with ADHD children. Thank you to Miriam!

Isabelle and Nolan G.

We love working with Miriam. She is very patient and compassionate on top of highly professional and reliable. She is always punctual and prepared to work on whatever we need her to work on with our student. She is clearly committed to her students and is willing to adjust the lessons to the student's learning style. We love her flexibility and friendliness. I would recommend Miriam without any hesitation.

Miriam G.


Do I recommend Amy Ruff? Yes! Two thumbs up! My son took Amy Ruff's Spanish [homeschool] classes during 7th & 8th grades…. We decided to play it safe & put him in Spanish 2…his freshman year …at CHHS. He has been top of his CHHS Spanish 2 class…with absolutely no effort…. [He] just received the results from the National Spanish 2 Exam & placed third in NC. Considering he has learned no new material in Spanish 2 at CHH, this is [his] & Amy's win! She's that good.

Joan M., Mom & Professional Educator, Chapel Hill NC


Mrs. Ruff's literature classes were the best classes I had the privilege of taking in high school. Using an easy to follow teaching style, Mrs. Ruff covers literary material and topics with both breadth and depth. From the ancient days of Gilgamesh to Asimov's future worlds, Mrs. Ruff always brought each work to life and provoked deep reflection on the themes and issues addressed in each story. My favorite part of class was the lively and engaging class discussion, where Mrs. Ruff would push us to develop, discuss, and defend our own on thoughts on the reading material.

Furthermore, Mrs. Ruff excels at helping each student learn and develop their skills on an individual basis. Before taking Mrs. Ruff's classes, I was completely terrified of writing, but by working with her, I found a writing style that worked for me. Her constant encouragement and detailed, personal feedback gave me the skills and, more importantly, the confidence to tackle any writing task. I went from loathing to write a paragraph to graduating college with two writing-intensive majors and a 100+ page research paper under my belt—none of which I could have done without Mrs. Ruff’s teaching and coaching.

Matthew M., Vanderbilt 2013, UNC Law 2018


“Amy & team pastor hearts while elevating academics.”

~ A. Keene, Trinity 2017

“ACT prep with Amy’s team enabled steady—though not always easy—progress for Ashton!”

~ Trinity 2017

"Amy’s passion for…grammar, writing, & rhetoric is infectious & effective, enhancing SAT/ACT reading-writing skills, college-level prose, and beyond."

~ The Passaros, Trinity 2018

“Amy…is a learning-how-to-learn mentor, coaching our daughter’s heart & mind to understand how she learned while strengthening…areas needing more skill & practice.”

~ A. Anders, Trinity 2020


I just felt like I should share this with you because you are such a role model to me & have such a positive presence. You are the best teacher that I have ever had.

Eiley, NCSSM 2018, NCSU BS Engineering 2022

Max was accepted into ECU's STEPP Program! We're so excited! Thank you for your work with Max & for the recommendation! He always felt supported & respected by both you & Brian. Confidence is so important in kids, but especially for those with learning difference! Thank you!

Max, ECU STEPP Program 2021

“I wanted to say thank you again…. I have finally heard back from all of the colleges, and I am happy to say that I have been accepted into all of them! I couldn't have done it without your support.”

Brenna K., UNCG 2019, BA in Drama & WGSS

Mrs. Ruff is by far the best teacher I have ever had. My name is Justin Holdstock and I took three classes from Mrs. Ruff in my senior year of high school: British Literature, Spanish 3, and AP Psychology. She is unlike any other teacher I have ever experienced. She has a unique teaching style, which allows the creativity of each student to shine. She learns about each student & adapts to his or her learning styles & abilities to help each student grow the most. Not only do each of her students excel in their learning in the respective subjects, but each of her students learns important life lessons & experiences a true family-like bond in each of her classes. Joining the three classes I took from Mrs. Ruff is the best educational decision I have ever made. Being a part of her classes caused me to grow in every aspect of my character, my knowledge, & my personality. My only regret in my high school years is that I did not take more of Mrs. Ruff’s classes as I know I would’ve grown a lot more given more time learning from her.

Justin, BA Liberty University 2021

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